Software Solution and Services

Differentiate Your Software in Digital World

Software upgrading poses numerous challenges to the enterprises in terms of expenditure and maintenance of the system quality. However, overcoming these challenges can bring a great deal of favorable outcomes for the enterprises and can upsurge their business resources. XOLVA website caters to the needs and demands of the users through continuous refinement and evolvement of resources and its software solutions.

Uniqueness About Our Software Practices

  • Iterative work cadences are provided, the software being based on agile methodology
  • Response to unpredictability through incremental and empirical feedback, detection and diminution of errors
  • Alleviation of software risks and errors through configuration, investigation and management of the error resources on a continuous basis
  • High repair, adaptability and expandability of software attributing to the superior code quality
  • • Customized resources catering to diverse software requirements

Software Services

Our custom Software Solution services include enterprise desktop and web application design and development, along with database management. Foreseeing the Next Generation software solutions and services – we help drive application transformation with our expertise in Enterprise Mobility, Business Intelligence, Cloud & Big Data


  • UI/UX Design for Web Application
  • Web Application Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • CMS Development


  • Database Architecture
  • Database Design & Development
  • Database Migration
  • Backup & Recovery