Xolva is a technology solutions company providing consulting and implementation services for resolving impediments in your business. Xolva provides solutions and services with focus on lowering technology barriers for its clients in order to enhance their return on investment.

Formed by seasoned technology and business professionals, Xolva has the ability to provide the finest solutions that allow businesses to gain automation and control of their work processes and aim for their continuous improvement.

Xolva has niche expertise in development engineering services for your specified projects and in establishing, managing and maintaining virtual software development teams for “Offshore Product Development”.

Our “Virtual Team Model” has matured over the years and ensures a smooth working environment. All the infrastructure elements working methodologies and communication processes are in place to ensure that these teams work in cohesion with the onsite team. The offshore product development service allows organizations with new product ideas to work simultaneously with competent and professional software developers. This allows them better mileage for their budgets while at the same time letting them, leverage high quality software development service and on time delivery.


Solve Impediments to Success by engineering innovative ideas to life.


Diagnose and Cure impediments to the success of our customer´s organizations by developing innovative solutions and products that enhance business agility enabling them to outperform their competition, overcome their challenges and effectively utilize opportunities to excel and grow.

Our Skill